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Based off the Karma Unlimited, the Karma RG is an ocean play boat (Rock Garden) designed for paddling in rock gardens (rock-hopping), exploring sea caves, running pour-overs, and surfing ocean waves.  It’s also well suited as a river tourer (River Guide), with potential for multi-day coastal and river (Class 1-5) trips. With the same hull as the Karma Unlimited, performance is more forgiving on a wave, faster off the wave, with better outfitting and more safety features that what’s currently on the market in these categories.

Style (SOT, Sit-In, etc) Sit-in
Length (ft, in) 11′ 10″
Width (in) 25″
Height (in) 14.75″
Volume (Gallons) 94
Weight (Pounds) 58
Seat Type (WW, Elite, Mold) Whitewater
# Foam Bulkheads/Locations 1 – Rear
Rear Hatch (Y/N), Dimensions (in) Yes, Round, 9 3/8″
Deck Rigging (Y/N, Bow, Stern, Both) Yes, Both
Rudder (Yes/No, Optional, Skeg) Yes, Skeg
Rudder Type (Smart, Peg, Skeg) Skeg
Footrest Type (Peg, Foam, WW, Mold, etc) Uni-Shock
Max Inseam (in) 41
Max Foot (Men’s) 15
Opt. River Running (lbs) 165
Opt. Overall (lbs) 165 (135-195)
Capacity (lbs) 325
Cockpit Dimensions 34.5″X 20.25″
Material Linear Poly