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The FUN was Jackson Kayak’s first ever whitewater kayak! In 2015 we return to the core of what has made this kayak the best selling Jackson Kayak of all time: FUN! The entirely new hull design returns the paddler to the roots of what fun on whitewater is: river running, surfing, squirting, cartwheeling and more. The NEW hull will have high, forgiving, parting lines, lots of leg room for comfort and a sleek style reminiscent of the Fun we’re used to paddling. The bow rocker is nice and high to keep your bow on the surface, while the stern rocker is smooth and subtle giving you better tracking, surfing and maneuverability. The combination of hull shape for river running and for play makes this boat a great transitional kayak for those wanting to spend more time playing than before. Want to learn to surf but find yourself flushing straight through, the hull speed of this kayak will make catching waves a breeze.The fun is capable of easing beginners into freestyle and is also a great skills developing kayak for intermediates and experts. Available in 3 new sizes, the 2 Fun, Fun, and 4 Fun

4 Fun

  • Max paddler (lbs)165 to 230
  • Size (inseem + footsize)0 to 52
  • Cockpit Size36 x 20.75
  • Height14.5
  • Length7' 2
  • Opt Overall200
  • Opt Playboating220
  • Opt River Running190
  • Seat TypeWhitewater w/ Seat Pad
  • Total Capacity250
  • Volume67
  • Weight (Pounds)36
  • Width26.5


  • Max paddler (lbs)145 to 185
  • Size (inseem + footsize)0 to 44.5
  • Cockpit Size34.5 X 20.25
  • Height14
  • Length6'10
  • Opt Overall165
  • Opt Playboating170
  • Opt River Running160
  • Seat TypeWhitewater w/ Seat Pad
  • Total Capacity210
  • Volume59
  • Weight (Pounds)32
  • Width25.5

2 Fun

  • Max paddler (lbs)110 to 150
  • Size (inseem + footsize)0 to 41
  • Cockpit Size32.5 x 19
  • Height13
  • Length6' 6
  • Opt Overall130
  • Opt Playboating140
  • Opt River Running120
  • Seat TypeWW w/ Seat Pad
  • Total Capacity170
  • Volume51
  • Weight (Pounds)28
  • Width24.5