safari H2O
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This kayak has all the bells and whistles. Designed by local Victorian Fishermen, this kayak is a must to have on all Victorian Streams and rivers for the best catch.

Length 3.1m, Width = 82cm, Depth = 30cm, Hull Weight: 22Kg, Fitted weight: 26Kg

FEATURES: · A Double Tunnel Shallow Draft ® hull, giving superior stability combined with manoeuvrability.· 2 newly designed side carry handles UF ® (User Friendly) 4 rod holders.· 2 flip down paddle holders which become flush with the deck when not in use.· Large storage areas in the front with strapping and a sealed hatch.· Adjustable foot-rails; middle storage hatch; moulded children’s seat in the middle of the kayak which doubles as a tackle box platform secured by a lanyard strap; deluxe high back seat rest; 2 secure flip-lid tackle change compartments; sealed 15 litre fishing box that can be detached can be used as a seat on the river bank; rear luggage area with straps.